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Warehousing Services

Secure storage of shipment and goods are warehousing services which allow to significantly reduce costs related to maintaining premises in lease or ownership.

It is not so long ago that a company seeking secure storage of shipment did not even try to outsource required services. In many cases, such a company would simply lease or buy premises suitable for warehousing and hire staff for maintaining and guarding the premises. As of today, leasing a warehouse seems a way too cumbersome. A warehouse requires constant investment: to purchase new and more sophisticated equipment, to automate processes, as well as to solve problems related to organizing warehousing procedures (constant staff turnover, protection, repairs, regular increases of lease payments and other disappointments).

As a result, the company might never set up a perfect procedure of secure storage. Management invested a lot of resources and efforts without ever matching their expectations. Issues related to warehousing would often require more labor time than the principle business activities did. The warehouse never provided a reliable and secure storage of goods and shipment despite all the efforts, time and invested resources.

Company management would have to recognize advantages of cooperating with other companies which provided professional warehousing services.

Logistic Solutions (ILS) will liberate your company from unnecessary costs related to purchasing warehouse equipment, construction and repairs. Our Company will take over all issues related to organization, ethics and competency of warehouse staff while dealing with services of secure storage of shipment and goods.

Logistic Solutions (ILS) is the logistics operator that has for many years offered services of secure storage and gained a reputation of a professional and reliable partner.

Logistic Solutions (ILS) uses a modern electronic system of warehouse management, innovative technologies for scanning every type of product and bar codes, which will help you organize your commodity flows. Loading and unloading operations involve modern equipment.

We pledge to keep your products safe and secure!