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Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) is a transportation company which provides services of international and Russian cargo transportation via railroad, air, sea and road in Russia and around the world using its network of regional branches. Our company calculates the price of shipment depending on its overall dimensions, weight and type, as well as on mode of transport and destination (destination country and city, import or export).

Using the right mode of transport and transportation lines, the staff of Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) manage to reduce shipping costs as well to secure perfect safety of shipment.

Logistic Solutions (ILS) will liberate your company from unnecessary costs related to purchasing warehouse equipment, construction and repairs. Our Company will take over all issues related to organization, ethics and competency of warehouse staff while dealing with services of secure storage of shipment and goods.

Logistic Solutions (ILS) is an international carrier so it now also ready to offer its clients customs clearance services. Our specialists will be ready to provide quick consultation on any issue. In addition to this, our Company specializes in providing services of high-quality customs clearance for shipment under any customs regime.