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About Company

Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) has been in the market of cargo transportation for many years. We offer our clients a complete logistic service which includes not only cargo transportation, but warehousing, storage and documentation as well.

For many years of work, the staff of Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) have acquired a huge experience at all stages of the logistic chain, set up strong partnerships with a big number of foreign and Russian large companies that deal with cargo transportation and warehousing. Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) has served clients which are well-known leaders in many industrial areas and they constantly entrust their cargo to the specialists of our Company. Partnerships grow every year and become ever stronger. Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) has an impeccable reputation to account for that.

We are ready to offer all kinds of transportation both abroad and within Russia. Depending on the client’s requirements, cargo type and delivery time, we can provide shipping using air, sea, and road transportation; we can even provide a combined shipping if needed. Our Company owns a modern logistic center to secure responsible storage of any shipment.

The staff of Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) is ready to elaborate a cost-effective, optimized and fast shipping itinerary, if it is required, to smoothly coordinate the work of all participants of the complex logistic chain and to channel their efforts in the most efficient way. We can provide for a constant tracking of shipment location for the entire delivery period, protection and escorting, at the client’s pleasure. You can also stipulate special terms of cargo insurance when concluding a contract with Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS).

Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) is eager to offer an whole range of services in the area of cargo transportation and storage. Once you entrust your shipment to the specialists of Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS), you may no longer worry about its safety. Any shipment will be delivered in good order and condition to its destination upon a tight schedule.

Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS) commits to solve quickly and efficiently all major and other issues related to transportation. An exclusively individual approach, safety, tight schedule, and reliability, these are the main principles of Integrated Logistic Solutions (ILS), which will make your cooperation with us profitable and pleasant.