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Paper flow is an important element of international economic activities related to transporting goods across borders of different countries. Many companies consider maintaining a department for dealing with documentation extremely unprofitable as it requires hiring many specialists with high qualifications and salaries, including lawyers, managers, and customs applicants.

Logistic Solutions (ILS) is an international carrier so it now also ready to offer its clients customs clearance services. Our specialists will be ready to provide quick consultation on any issue. In addition to this, our Company specializes in providing services of high-quality customs clearance for shipment under any customs regime.

Our specialists have high qualifications and sufficient experience in order to customs clear your shipment upon tight schedule. Coordinated operations related to customs clearance are secured by our staff and will meet your time requirements, leading to a reduction of your costs and solidifying the reputation of our Company. Customs clearance as a service provided by Logistic Solutions (ILS) includes a whole range of procedures related to documentation and shipment release. The basic working principle of our Company is a personal approach to each client, as well as solid knowledge of issues related to customs clearance. The job we do is aimed at liberating our clients from superfluous issues and difficulties.

Our specialists will take care of the entire paper flow related to cargo transportation and handle even the most difficult and unconventional tasks, as Logistic Solutions (ILS) constantly tracks any changes in regulatory framework. We provide customs clearance services and take care of the confidentiality of your shipment and competent declaring.

A customs broker from Logistic Solutions (ILS) will be ready to offer you the following services of customs clearance: